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Welcome to A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services

With 15 years’ experience in the industry, we provide a wide range of services including gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and power washing. We are fully insured for personal and liability. References are available on request. A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services pride ourselves on our competitive pricing structures, our competence and our complete customer focus. When we take on a project, we make sure it is completed to the highest of professional standards. We only use the most modern and efficient equipment for all our jobs, to ensure that all customers receive the very best service possible. A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services is available to domestic and commercial clients across all of Munster.

30% discount for all work from the end of winter to the end of summer when you mention this website or the GoldenPages.ie
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We don’t accept payment until the job is complete and the customer is fully satisfied.

  • Cleaning and Treating Roofs

  • Cleaning Gutters Fascia & Soffit Cleaning, (During promotions we wash down window glass and window frames for free with every gutter cleaning)

  • Cleaning and treatment of walls using non-abrasive and non-corrosive treatments that are safe to use on rendered walls

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For more information on our cleaning services, get in contact with A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services today.

Roof Repairs

A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services offers Roof Repair Services across Munster. We are fully insured with public and personal liability and we will rapidly help to resolve your roof issue with a fast, specialised service.

Regardless of your Roof Emergency is we are here to assist. We provide a quality professional service at a fair price, helping to relieve some of the anxiety caused from roof damage.

Our emergency roof repair service is available for both private and commercial properties within Munster.

  • Home, Flat, Garage and Outbuildings Emergency Roofers

  • Slating & Tiling Loss or Damage Replacements

  • Full Storm Damage assessment and repair

  • Leaks Caused By Roof Damage

  • First & Second Fix

  • Cementing Along Apex Roofing

  • Felt & Latting Replacement

  • Re-grouting and cementing of all ridge cap tiles

  • Re-grouting and cementing of all barges

A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services work closely with clients carrying out repairs to existing roofs. Our roofing crew has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the roofing repairs industry and are available to provide roofing repair emergency service should any problems occur. Our team operates all over Cork, dealing mainly with private / domestic customers. All our roofing work comes with a guarantee. We use only the best materials for roof repairs. Our crew looks after all roofing repair at competitive prices. We are more than happy to discuss any worries you may have and guide you through a plan of action.

cleaning and treating of roofs Outline:

In the unfortunate event that your roof is starting to get overgrown by algae, it needs to be carefully cleaned down. If you do not clean your roof, the moss will endure to slide and blocks up your whole guttering system. It can lead to long term harm to roofing underlays because of the damp. At a competitive rate, you can hire A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services to achieve a roof cleaning service in Cork on your roof that will eliminate all the filth and algae.

Contingent on the type of roof, we will either use a soft washing technique which is using soft brushes and slow water flow or a hard wash which will be done with our power washing system.

For typical roofs, we endorse power washing. Depending on the severity of the algae, we will use a bio detergent to kill off the growth before we start power washing.

Once the roof has been fully cleaned, we add a chemical treatment to the roof. This chemical treatment seeps into the pores of the tiles and stops the growth of mold, algae and moss. This treatment lengthens the lifespan of tiles. 

Moss growth underneath tiles moves the tiles from their original foundation, eventually leading to the tiles being dislodged. Our treatment stops this from happening by removing the moss at the root. 

We will power wash the windows and window frames of your home for free also.

Roof Clean and Treatment Before and After

To discuss the unique cleaning requirements of your industrial plant or warehouse, get in contact with our offices today.

Wall Cleaning

We clean walls with non-abrasive chemicals so the wall does not get damaged. We perform the soft washing of the wall to eliminate algae on rendered walls on the building exterior.

A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services has the correct equipment and know-how regardless of the job. We offer guidance, site survey and we will make recommendations based on our experience.

Our specialised, welcoming cleaners can be put to work on house and business exteriors and in your garden. We believe in providing best quality and dependable staff to help you clean the exterior walls of your home.

Over time airborne smog and stormy weather will dirty all buildings with filth, dust, decay and green algae. This can be predominantly visible on the walls. These unappealing deposits can be successfully removed by A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services using the most modern cleaning systems. We will not harm your house walls with excessive pressure washing. Our objective is to leave your walls as good as new.
If you are looking for a trustworthy and dependable external wall cleaning company to give you a free, no-obligation quote, just contact the number below or send your request using our online inquiry form.

After a cleaning, we apply a spay treatment onto the cleaned walls, This treatment eats away at algae and moss growth, restores the walls colour to it's original, as new finish. This treatment is non-abrasive and non-corrosive. 

Wall Cleaning Before and After

Rendered Wall Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

  • Linoleum Floors

  • Marble Floors

  • Vinyl Floors

  • Concrete Floors

Gutter Cleaning

All gutters are cleaned by hand, removing all debris and dirt until gutter is clear. We clean the fascia and soffit exterior until its spotless. Free-flowing, clean gutters are vital to guarding your house. A clean gutter will catch the rain and stop it from running directly down your home, resulting in damp on walls and harmfully affecting the foundations.

So keeping your gutters spotless, your house will continue to be dry and your walls clear of dripping rain water. Keeping gutters clean can save you money over time. If mistreated, damp walls cause severe physical damage.

A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services clean your gutters inside and out, with all debris being removed efficiently. During promotions we offer a free window glass and window frame cleaning service with every gutter clean.

We offer our Floor treatments to:

Have no fear; we won’t cause any harm to your premises with unnecessary pressure washing. Around downpipes, we use gentle brushes and the minimum water pressure needed to avoid water ingress. Our main objective is to leave your soffits, gutters and downpipes as good as new.
If you are looking for an honest and consistent external gutter cleaning company to give you a free, no-obligation quote just contact the number below or send your request using our online enquiry form.

To discuss our various hard floor treatment procedures, get in contact with A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services today.

Power Washing

Power washing is ideal for paved areas and decking. Our power washing services uses power washes with variable pressure settings to guarantee your paths and paved areas are kept in outstanding condition while power washing. Our power washing services covers all surfaces including:

We use a special product to eradicate algae spots and restore all driveway seals. A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services is a leading provider of driveway cleaning in Munster. Our variety of driveway cleaning services will restore your driveway to as good as new. Our power washing services cover all surfaces including:

  • Brick Paving

  • Concrete

  • Cobble block

  • Stone

Over the years A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services have power washed everything from weather-beaten dirt to built-up moss, hard-to-eliminate lichen, to peeling old paint and chewing gum from pathways, walls, courtyards and cobbled-stone spaces. We also clean walls, tiled steps, decking, tarmac and concrete. You name it and our specialised pressure washers will eliminate it for you.

When coming to cleaning of driveways, firstly we clean off all the specific area by power washing. Sometimes there is a bacteria that is left over afterwards which in turn could be black spots of algae. This can stain into the specific are like paving, concrete, patio and slabbing. Once the cleaning has been done you will see in the photograph that there can be black spots left. To battle this we do provide a very good treatment which we spray onto the area leaving it to soak right through within a 24 hour period. Because if the fact that they are very porous, they soak in a lot of the elements of the weather. Within the space of the first hour, you will see all the black spotted areas disappearing before your eyes and in turn gives that bleaching effect but non-staining. It brings up the colour back through that specific area in turn paving, concreting, patios, slabbing’s and so on. When the hour is up you will see the area is restored back to its original colouring. Once it soaks through after a 24 hour period it will however stay within the specific area (paving, cobble block, patio) and seal off the same area where it stops algae growing back. It is a very effective way of doing the work with a very effective treatment. We can provide references for this type of work and no payments are made until job is fully completed. All work is fully insured both liability and personal.

Post-Wash Paving Treatment

After paving has been cleaned, a treatment will be provided that goes deep into the paving’s brickwork and the pores of the bricks. This non corrosive and non-abrasive treatment eats into the algae and black spots, which in turn restores the paving’s colour. The chemical solution seeps down below the brickwork, killing weeds at their roots.
Our treatment makes paving look brand new.

Driveway Cleaning

All Paving Driveway’s will be cleaned by power washing getting rid of all dirt and grime from the face of the stone and getting rid of all weeds in between the brick work and stone work. After the driveway has been cleaned, there will be a treatment that will be sprayed on working its way down the face and down the 4 sides of each individual brick or stonework. As the treatment soaks its way through the face of the brick, it seals it off where it gets rid of all the black stains left over mainly black spots and algae. Once it soaks through in a 24 hour period it seals off the brickwork stopping all algae growing back and also soaks down the 4 sides of each individual brick where it gets directly to the root of any weed killing it directly at the root. It also seals off the driveway and stops all weeds growing back.

Driveway Cleaning Before and After

Patio Cleaning Before, After and After Treatment


If you would like to learn more about the full variety of products and services available from the crew at A1 Munster Cleaning and Roofing Services, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our members of staff, who will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have regarding our products.

Just give us a call on 021 6010361 or alternatively you can send us an email at info@a1munstercleaningandroofingservices.ie. We’d love to talk to you.

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